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'So Chris, what exactly do you do?'

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A few people have asked me the above question recently or have shown an interest in how the freelance journey is going 3 years on. When I was a full time teacher the answer to the question 'what exactly do you do each day?' was quite straightforward. In my new freelance role the answer is a little more complex. So it's probably worth explaining how the question gets answered these days

Essentially my work involves 5 main things

1. I am an examiner - I have various senior roles including working as a Principal Examiner for A Level RS with a leading exam board. I also mark GCSE RS and mark International Examinations for a couple of organisations at GCSE and A Level equivalent. I have also done some mock marking for an Educational organisation.

2. I am a writer - As well as blog posts and occasional TES articles, I am a textbook author (see Amazon page) for A Level RS, have a book on teacher wellbeing and most recently a new Hodder OCR GCSE textbook (Christianity and Islam) with Julian Waterfield and Waqar Ahmedi. There have been a few other conversations and I have a few other ideas and things in draft when I get time...

3. I am a trainer/speaker - working with OCR, Hodder, Keynote Education, and others I deliver training to teachers mainly around Religious Studies and Philosophy at A level and GCSE. I can also be booked directly and also have a wealth of experience in wellbeing and middle leadership amongst other things.

4. I provide resources - such as resource packs to support teachers. OCR A level RS and AQA Philosophy are currently available - there are packs for each module or overall bundles. I hope to add to the resource packs in due course by developing some GCSE RS packs.

5. I deliver events - including online Booster sessions through my website as well as revision sessions for other organisations. I have also delivered some bespoke events in schools including a very successful event for 200+ A Level students at Wells Cathedral School. I have been to London, York, Bournemouth, Battle, St Albans, Chesterfield, Solihull, Birmingham and Maidenhead in the last year or so. These type of events will continue to grow post-Covid and I am very happy to tailor things to the school's requirements

I also aim do a small number of free events each year as a way of giving back - so if your teachmeet needs a speaker, your church or Alpha group needs someone or you want some Philosophy in the community, get in touch and if I can manage it, I will try to fit you in. And, as ever, if there is anything else I've missed but you think I can help with, let me know.

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