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Religious Studies and Philosophy

Religious Studies and Philosophy cover some of the deepest and most fascinating questions that human beings can ask. It is not just about exams and qualifications. But that said here is a guide to doing well in Religious Studies exams 

A range of resources for the 3 individual papers: Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and Religion and Developments in Christian thought can be found on the links below

Does God exist? Why is there evil and suffering in the world? Religious Experience and Religious Language and other A Level topics

Normative approaches to decision making such as Utilitarianism and Natural Law, practical ethical issues -  sexual ethics, euthanasia, business ethics and otherA level topics

Christian Theology including the Bible, the person of Jesus, the human condition and other common A level topics

Is the mind the same thing as the brain? Do I get more knowledge of the world through reason or senses? Political Philosophy and general interest. Suitable for A level Philosophy students and all who are curious

Resources for the development of Critical Thinking Skills - understanding arguments, fallacies, assumptions. Improving your own arguments

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