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I have some news...

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

I have some news. After almost 25 years in full time teaching, I am about to make a big change. I will be stepping down as head of department and working the equivalent of 2 days a week at my college in order to prioritise developing my business as an examiner, writer and trainer.

When I have shared my plans with trusted colleagues and friends, the two questions that I get asked are generally the same 'What led to this?' and 'What exactly are you going to do?'

What led to this?

I have taught full time for 25 years, 18 years of that as a middle leader in some form or other. I also have various side projects for most of that time - a senior examiner involved in marking and delivering training, an author of RS textbooks and a book on wellbeing. Full time teaching is demanding but managing the day job and the side projects even more so!

I remember a conversation over 12 months ago - a couple of months before Covid - with a friend where I talked about the need for some sort of change. The need for change and also the need to have a little more time and space. I had felt this for several months and it seemed that there were 2 main ways to resolve the conundrum: either seek out a more senior role and shelve the other bits and pieces, or try to develop something around the other areas of my career.

As the last 12 months has unfolded, the idea of developing the business has won out. In another conversation with a friend in January this year I was asked 'what energises you?' As much as I still enjoy the day job, I had to admit that the development of the business ideas was where my heart was. There is also a sense that this is the right time and season for such a move.

What exactly are you going to do?

I will of course be continuing to do some A level teaching. I am glad of this, my college have been very supportive, and I think having one foot in the classroom is valuable in keeping you grounded. In my other time my activities will centre around examining, writing and providing training/resources

- I will be aiming to increase the amount of exam board work I do both in terms of marking and being more available to deliver training.

- As a writer there are a few book ideas rattling around my head too. I hope to develop a couple of these. I may write a little more for the TES.

- The training/resources aspect involve developing the website so that I can do a number of things:

1. Produce and sell packs of resources for A level RS and eventually GCSE RS, A level Philosophy and others. (I'm thinking schemes of work, information sheets, ppts, activity sheets, quizzes and such like)

2. Support teachers and students over the coming years with bookable webinars and masterclasses delivered online.

3. Take school and college training bookings either working with staff for CPD days or delivering workshops or masterclasses with students.

As these things develop, it would be great to connect with you if there is anything where I can provide help. If you click on the 'connect' option on the main menu on the site, you can fill in a contact form or send me an email. I can then send you an email each month or so letting you know what is happening. There is also a selection of training that I can offer, you can find these programmes on the 'about' section. Of course I will keep the wider world informed via twitter @chris_eyre so feel free to follow if you don't already.

Looking forward to seeing people a little more whether face to face or online in the near future. Here's to the next stage of the adventure...

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1 Comment

"Here's to the next stage of the adventure..."

Absolutely, Chris! As someone who stepped back from headship (which I loved) after ten years, at the age of 52, and who has no regrets about charting a different course since then (albeit all education-related) I am very much with you in spirit, and I look forward to seeing how things develop for you.

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